How To Download Your Course Certificate

For most of the courses offered at Africa Online School, there is a certificate of achievement/completion available for you on completing a course. Certificates are redeemable upon;

  1. Completing all lessons in a course.
  2. Completing and passing any assignments or quizzes offered in a course
  3. Completing payments for the course (for paid courses only).
  4. Attempting and passing a final quiz (in case there is one) in a course.
  5. For courses offered by independent institutions or instructors, you redeem your certification upon fulfilling requirements laid out in the course.

Please Note: To complete a lesson, make sure you click on the COMPLETE button at the end of the page of each lesson. And to finish a course, make sure you click on FINISH COURSE button which will be available on the bottom end of the last lesson in a course. Now it is important to note that you should only click on these buttons when you have completed all the other course requirements like quizzes and assignments. For example, if you click on FINISH COURSE when you failed your quiz assignment, the system will mark your course FAILED and you won’t be issued a certificate.

After completing any or a group of requirements listed above, you will have your certificate posted in your account and here is how to find it and download it.

Step One: Make sure you are logged onto your account and go hover on your account avatar located on your top left hand side of the screen where your account name appears.

When you hover on your account avatar, a drop-down menu will show up as shown in the graphic above. On this menu, click on My Certificates.

Step Two: Once you click on My Certificates, you will be directed to the Certificates page on your account, where all the certificates for your completed courses are stored.

Step Three: Once you are here, browse through your certificates and click on the ones you want to download. When you click on one of them, it will pop up on your screen like in the image below.

Step Four: There are so many ways to download and share your certificate. As shown in the image above, you can:

  1. Copy and paste the certificate link shown in your browser address bar. This link will always bring you to your certificate.
  2. Notice the three icons below your certificate? The first one on your left allows you to Download a PDF copy of your certificate. The second one will let you share it on Twitter and the third will let you share the certificate with your friends and family on Facebook.

That is it for today. Go get your courses done, redeem you certificates and share your progress with your parents, friends, teachers, family and funs.

All the best,

Customer Care Team

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