English YR Elevate

English YR Elevate

This is Youth Rising English Elevate Series. Learn and pass upper primary English by participating in the series. The series consist of 25 Question tests to be completed with a 75% pass to proceed to the next series. The series consist of 25 Question tests to be completed with a 75% pass mark to be able to proceed to the next series. These tests are for Upper Primary School Students and are submitted by teachers across Africa. For you to participate, make sure you have registered with your school or write to [email protected]

More About Youth Rising Elevate Series 

Youth Rising Elevate Series is an online GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) testing program for primary school students. The program plans to offer routine testing assistance to brilliant upper primary/elementary students across schools in Africa. We are optimistic that our appropriate education services for their gifted and advanced learners will help them develop and achieve excellent grades in their final examinations according to their abilities and potential.


To champion the academic, intellectual, social and emotional development of Africa’s gifted and advanced learners through ensuring gifted learners in Africa receive an appropriate gifted education commensurate with their abilities and potential.

Understanding Gifted Education

“Gifted education” means appropriate academic course offerings and services that are required to provide an educational program that is an integral part of the regular school day and that is commensurate with the academic abilities and potential of a gifted pupil. “Gifted pupil” means a child who is of lawful school age, who due to superior intellect or advanced learning ability, or both, is not afforded an opportunity for otherwise attainable progress and development in regular classroom instruction and who needs appropriate gifted education services, to achieve at levels commensurate with the child’s intellect and ability.

Program Implementation

Youth Rising International through Africa Online School is implementing the Elevate Series in partnership with primary schools. The program works through the following steps:

  1. School Registration

Any school or education organization (non-profits advancing primary education) across where the subject of instruction is English, and have access to internet can now apply to participate in the program. To register, the school administration should write to Youth Rising at [email protected] expressing interest in the program. You will receive a response with an application form which you must fill and submit back to Youth Rising International. On fulfilling all requirements on the application checklist, your school will be approved for participation.

2. Developing Question Bank

The school teachers work on developing questions to be added to the already available question bank at Africa Online School.

3. Registration of Pupils (Fellows) 

The school then selects pupils (minimum of 5) to participate in the program using the student selection checklist.

4. Administration of the Series 

The students start participating in the program, taking one test every week (25 Questions in each test) until the series are complete. The school MUST provide a learning environment (computers and internet) to enable the students complete their weekly series. All students have a chance to retake the series they have failed twice (75% Pass mark), and this has to be done before they can proceed to the next. Students can also take their series at home although this is highly discouraged.

Organizations that help students in communities should be able to organize a computer laboratory with internet access where students can come in on a weekly basis and take tests. All test results are instant and Youth Rising International will compile and share monthly test reports for each school.

5. Graduation

On completion of all the series, students graduate with certificates and prizes from Africa Online School and Youth Rising International.

6. Post Graduation

Youth Rising in partnership with schools will continue to monitor student performance in their final national examinations.


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