A Solution Built for Teachers and Students

If you are new to online learning, you may think there is going to be a huge learning curve for you, but that is not the case. Online learning creates an environment that is self paced and allows the learners to review what they are learning over and over again.

We intentionally create courses that will cause interest in learning, and give a learners a chance to repeat certain aspects, because we know, learning and knowledge retention comes from repetition. And this is how we help learners to understand concepts rather than cramming them.

I start off this blog with this because I wanted to demonstrate the purpose of Africa Online School. It is important to me that this online school is not a solution just for learners but for teachers as well.

Facing Forward: Schooling for Learning in Africa argues that learning levels across the region are alarmingly low. Among second grade students assessed on numeracy tests in several Sub-Saharan African countries, three-quarters could not count beyond 80 and 40 percent could not do a one-digit addition problem. In reading, between 50 and 80 percent of children in second grade could not answer a single question based on a short passage they had read, and a large proportion could not read even a single word. – World Bank, 2018

While I was reading this report, I realized that for so many years, we have not taken time to reflect on teaching vs learning, or cramming and knowledge acquisition. Yes, we are making progress with universal primary education, but are we equipping children with skills that will help them enhance their livelihoods when they are adults?

And this is why we need to deeply think about how we can facilitate learning. If we want to see a generation that is skilled and ably contributing to our workforce, we must make sure that they are actually acquiring and retaining knowledge and skills as they go through school.

Complimenting Teaching Efforts

So our teachers do an amazing job to introduce subject matter in the classroom environment. And just as you may want a personal assistant to assist you with your work, teachers also need teaching assistance that goes on check in with the learners, monitor their progress and evaluate their competencies. Africa Online School is creating and enhancing this assistance.

Children learning in a classroom environment | Photo courtesy of

When a teacher is empowered to use Africa Online School, they get a big chunk of their work done through this platform. They can set up homework, assignments, class projects, quiz and exercises and even host discussion groups here, without so much effort. This is one stone hitting so many birds, because one teacher is able to reach and support hundreds of students, in the comfort of their home/school.

But first things first. Schools and parents need to invest in technology. It may look expensive due to high initial costs but think of a time when most teachers in Africa have access to Africa Online School, provide their learners with all the tools they need to excel, and can help them any time, anywhere!

There are so many costs that can be diverted in this process. Children no longer have to keep at school for extra hours of learning, since they can learn on the go, teachers effectively monitor the progress of their students while on the go. They also get extra time to do the things they like rather than spending 8-12 hours in classrooms.

Are you a student? Embrace and take courses at Africa Online School. Dont forget to share your smile certificate on our social media channels when you complete a course, you may be a lucky winner because we always celebrate those who put in extra effort.

Are you a teacher, don’t wait, register with Africa Online School and start teaching with us. There is so much we have in store for you when you join our A team.